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Russell, you are spot on here - I could not agree more.

Walking through an empty city at 6.30am on a week day always gives me a smug feeling that I'm ahead of everyone else. Like I know stuff they don't.

Somehow I've got more day than they have.

Russell, Ben: I must admit to being a late adopter in the early to bed early to rise thing. My best days start with an early walk with Pat(my wife) and Meg (the dog). Early meetings are always the most poductive.

Like Rodney I am a late adopter of the AM ritual. A previous night owl, I now embrace the 4:30 AM wake up time and find the early hours unruffled and easy to concentrate. I am way ahead at my desk by the time others arrive, 3 hours later. The day is obviously long, but I get a lot done too - good benefit.

BTW: the article you linked to on executives waking up early - was a good read too.

It's 8.45.

Been here an hour already (up at 6.00...catch the 6.54 train - commuting: another much miss understood and derided time of potential inspiration!)

Everyone else will start drifting in between 9 and 9.30.

And it really is my most productive time...as well as a great oasis of calm in which to think, plan...and read/write blogs (naturally).

Not yet perfected going home at 4.00 tho.

Shall put it on the to-do list!!

The reason for all this, I think, is that people rise early when they are excited to get on with whatever their day holds.

But it doesn't follow that by getting up early, you'll get excited. Or be more sucessful for that matter.

Get excited about something first. The getting up early will just happen.

I love starting early, for the same reasons as mentioned by everyone above. Unfortunately, it didn't fit the culture of one of my previous jobs, where commitment was measured by the time you left the building. Since no one had seen you come in at 7AM, they would still call you a slacker when you left at 7PM.

Last thing I heard, most people now arrive between 10AM and lunch.

I both agree and disagree with Martin. I think being early is to do with being excited and eager to get on with things. That's true.

But I think it you behave like you're excited and eager, excitement will follow.

I am a dissenting voice and happily put my hand up as a late riser! Sure I may be cranky, sometimes abrupt and demanding, but I try to do it all nicely. Please don't tell me you jog as well ... that would be the last straw!

It's all relative, I think. As Ben mentioned, when you're up before everyone else, you feel empowered. But wouldn't the special-ness of it subside if everyone did it?

I like mornings.

Mornings are the best time for me to catch up with emails, read stuff, write my blog. But I don't like being in the office alone early in the morning. I much prefer working at home in my dressing gown with the kettle nearby.

But it's true that early meetings tend to be much much more productive. (And I'm less likely to be late because other things have overrun).

I get up early too.
But I'm a world champ lightweight.
Do I get a prize, Russell?

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