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Hi Russell... what exactly is brand onions?

anyone got an example they can post for Luca?

here you go Luca: http://www.bmw.co.za/careers/images/onion.jpg

BTW Russell, I prefer the 'thinking before doing' definition of planning.

It does look like a BMW brand onion...9 values summed up in 3 and then in 1.
otherwise, you could check the economist's brands and branding (in RD's books). pyramids, funnels, onions...why not try to use a brand carrot ?

Oh, ok I got it.
Thank you all.
Hey,we should put up on collectivex a topic called "planning jargon"...

thinking before doing does have a certain pithiness but it doesn't make me sound clever. And anyway, Dylan Williams really thought of it.

A friend recently asked what I do as a planner. After enduring my convoluted, historical answer, he responded with a great musical analogy; "So...I guess you guys find 'the hook.'"

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