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Jonathan Harris (one of the guys behind We Feel Fine) is a genius; do you remember his 10 x 10 project from last year?

I lived in Lincoln for 3 years.

Coming from the South West you never forget the first time someone calls you Duck.

It was the first thing they tell you when you get to Staffordshire Uni... The mating call around Stoke is "Yer goin up h'Anlee Duck?"

Being from Nottingham means 'Ey Up Me Duck' & 'Are You Mashin' are in my DNA .. so imagine how I go down throughout Asia when I say it in casual conversation. PLUS I support Nottingham Forest, so they see me as some sort of bloomin' circus freak show! Ha!

Love netvibes - way forward - Google [IG] and Microsoft [live.com] both have a verison but they don't pull the images from the Flickr stream! Rubbish.

Can't wait until that is the desktop - rss / xml is the future - for content, software and file storage - at least once the gdrive happens [Google's planned free storage space where you can store ALL your files - like Box.net on netvibes.]

Whoa. Geeked out there.

Eh up mi duck. Hast mashed?

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