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Thank you for this. I came across it by accident, and I'm glad I did. One of my most inspiring teachers used to have his football players memorize the poem beginning "All too often 'good enough' is where the weak heart stops. It keeps the very best in us from rising to the top."

This phrase has haunted me - - a hard-on-myself-people-pleaser-to-the-core - - ever since high school. Whenever I've said something is "good enough", whether I'm able to leave it that way or not, it has left me feeling unsatisfied with my effort.

It's freeing to hear someone else say that there is a time when striving for the best is important, but there is also a time when enough is enough! (Funny how a self-admitted people pleaser also admits that she needs to hear someone else validate her need to just slack off!)

This isn't your best post, but it's good enough.

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