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I wish you all possible best and hope to see you around sometimes


Wow - interesting times ahead Russell. Wishing you all the very best.


Good Luck!
You are surely a legend in the planning community, so I can't imagine you will be short of freelance work!

Amazing. I am leaving my job on 30 June. After 30 years in the biz, I'm taking a three month break and then pursuing business storytelling... more later!

Good luck with your new ventures - your blog is one of my favorites. But why oh why no RSS feed (or am I missing it?)

thanks j.

I believe the thing is festooned with feeds. Everything typepad and feedburner can supply. Have you tried clicking on that orange thingy on the right? Or used a reader like bloglines? that's what I use to keep up with myself.

Or am I being stupid? anyone?

Good luck Russell - I'm sure whatever you do will be great.

Does the revised blog sub-title give us a clue about your new direction?

Charles - it says 'subscribe to my feed' - right next to the orange thingy. Or is that the point you're making?

And Mark, thanks, and no, not really, just realised that I'd always promised to change it a lot and I hadnt.

What's business storytelling?


Good luck in all your future endeavors! It will be intersting to see your next steps unfold. There are certainly lots of opportunties out there. Here's to the marketing Ronin and bringing about Agency 3.1!

Times they are a changing-go get em Russell.
Good luck out there.

I stay away from your blog a couple of days and that's what happens???

Good luck, I wish you all the best and hope you got time to teach us even more.


your own man, amen. Good luck Russell.

Wishing you the very best of luck even though a man of your talent so clearly doesn't need it

Just got back to the office and noticed it in a haymarket email

All the very best! May you go on to live in even more interesting times.

CanĀ“t wait to see your book in stores. So hurry up :)

Great to know you will be working on new things and will keep up with the blog. Good luck and have fun in this new phase.

Can you buy consultancy by the yard? If not then you should be able to. You could do so much more with it...

Anyway, the UK is richer and heavier for having you back. :-)

Dear Russell

Good night and good luck

you are high in my shortlist for "people to have a drink with..."
which is my top category in the "people to...."
you are an Inspiration
your biggest fan in Tel Aviv


heavier? heavier?! hang on a minute there james. Oh never mind, that was funny.

And thanks for the good wishes everyone. Life's working out pretty well at the moment, apart from not earning any money.

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