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Cool equals style, both actual and perceived.

Something is cool when it is considered appealing and unappealing by different people for the same reason.

Cool is something you know when you see it, until too many people have seen it.

Cool is…
1. …a label…
2. …applied to things that represent an “way of being” that you wish to exhibit or associate with yourself.

cool is maintaing your authenticity regardless of what anyone else thinks.

Cool is getting attention for the stuff you were already doing anyway.

"Cool" is an atribute of something, atribute that stops being credible from the moment the owner calls it himself "cool".

Ex: q. Do you want to meet at 4?
a. Yeah, that's cool.
q. What am I going to wear to the party?
a. Here, this shirt's cool.

q. Should we invite Mike?
a. Yeah, he's cool.

Cool is an original, confident, brave and relevant idea or point-of-view expressed with style and nonchalance.

'Cool' is dancing on thin ice.

cool is not having to try hard at being cool

The exact opposite of snazzy.

Cool is genuineness which only needs a head nod for justification.

Is Sweden ever going to score a goal?

Oh, here's my feeble attempt:

COOL IS an effortless quality typical of a manner of being or behaving that others find, new, novel, appealing or worthy of emulating.

I don't know how to define it, but Louis Armstrong said "If they act too hip, you know they can’t play shit!"

Cool is ... when men want to be like you and women want to be with you. (Obviously this is an example of human 'cool' and of that 'human' being a man, haha)

Cool is... a perceived rejection of ubiquity.

Cool is knowing what works for you, what you agree with and relate to

cool is one.

cool is one.

It's an idea that make people want to join and share before their peers do.

Cool is being acceptable to one's ideals, interests, and developed social constructs.

If cool could be described it would no longer be cool.

... something that is inherently relevant to its audience

Cool is a person or brand that goes about it's life without concerning itself with trends or petty worries.

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