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Printing them on sticker paper may not be a bad idea. It could be tough to hand a card to that billboard that screams "Goal!" you posted before.

My only problem with making them stickers is that then you become part of the problem. Perhaps you'd have to post them to Coke HQ or something.

This reminds me of something I'd written earlier today in response to the same problem:

"Would it be mean to make fun of the stuff someone sends you to post on your blog that would make it a splog? Really, I'm sure me and thousands of other people with similar blogs appreciate that somebody out there took the time to look for the "Email me" link on our blogs, but no thank you. Surely, there's a market for the kitschy and overpriced wherever you're from. Go out there and conquer it with that same entrepenurial spirit!

I've already got my smart Muji card holder at the ready and we're about to get our business cards reprinted - do you want me to get some of these printed at the same time?

How many?

now if someone could figure out one to use over the phone to telesales people, that would be a real gift.

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