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Hi, Russell. I + 2 colleagues from JWT Brazil are going. By the way, I recently posted something about what can be a planner's practical role in multi-disciplinary projects, and it would be nice to hear from you about the subject and your practical experience on it.

I am interested in how to spark that oftentimes elusive inspiration from within. Once I am inspired/enthused/engaged/on to something - it just feels very natural to spread the "joie de vivre." But, some days I think - do I have an original idea left? Are there any original ideas left? How do I get going?

I'll certainly be there Russell with two other planners from the RT office in St. Louis. One struggle we are having is getting creatives to see the value in content and ideas outside of the normal scope of things - i.e. anything that doesn't fit in a portfolio or on a reel. Any wisdom on how you can get Creatives to see the forest for the trees and get them to go beyond the 3 spots they are briefed and think about alternate ways to execute the campaign and make it more than a campaign? Briefing people on ideas, not ads.

Thanks for that everyone, that gives me food for thought. Also some good topics for blog posts. I'll think about that, maybe post some stuff between now and then so you can see how the thinking's going.

Actually, I've found that a lot of people from Brazil is going. Also, GP (Grupo de Planejamento, our Account Planning Group), will cover the event in a short blog we've made. It's now working at http://www.grupodeplanejamento.com.br/postaisdemiami/

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