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Thank you for sharing that. I thought it was absolutely fantastic.

'It's all wet' was a particular high note.

1947, incredible.

Is also a convincing argument for why hats are so useful.


After making millions selling his beauty soap business to Unilever [renamed LUX], Mr Evans went on to start a 'Women's Personal Hygene' company where he continued with his 'strategy' of cliche driven, demonstration style ads including the now familiar, 'IT'S GOT WINGS' and 'BLUE LIQUID POUR' ads for every bloody sanitary towel brand known to man.

Great to see that clip again. I wish I still had a reel with all those bits we dug out from the classic movies about advertising. (The bit from 'I'll never forget whatsisname' where copywriter Oliver Reed smashes up his office with an axe was a personal fave.) I must now check on YouTube to see if any of them are there.

The way he stands up to the client demonstrates that this is a movie that could never be made today!


I've got them all. I found them on a hard-drive the other day. I was going to stick them on youtube and here gradually. They're some big files so I don't want to do them all at once.

1. I wish all meeting rooms were that spacious. Normally at the start of a meeting you spend the time shuffling around table n chairs.

2. I wish more clients wore hats.

If only some of my clients were as kind and considerate!

I might want to borrow that hard drive off you. It was quality stuff.

Neil, I'll bring you a drive on Sunday.

My favourite movie representation of an advertising account exec has to be Cary Grant in North By Northwest - I think it's how many Account Execs (male) see themselves (certainly how I did before I moved over onto the client side).

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