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Brilliantly un-asda.

Thanks Russell, I thought it was too good to not post. Especially considering how poor Asda's ads usually are. It gives them a voice they don't yet have in their tv ads, but their competitors all do. (Tesco low price jokey voice, Morrisons friendly local voice, Sainsburys and M+S's quality and variety voice...etc)

Easily the best ad Asda has ever done. Probably created by the placement team and approved at short notice while the agency creative director was out at lunch and the client marketing director was unreachable at a conference.

Enough of that, now back to the bum-patting mnemonic.

Lets hope those late-lunching creatives have started a trend!

I had a similar feeling to, of all brands, Hooters. I don't know if you have been keeping up with the news of the massive fraud that took place with the money FEMA distributed to some hurricane Katrina victims. Well, one such person spent $200 on a bottle of Dom at a Hooters. Yesterday, Hooters presented FEMA with a check for $200. Now that's class.

perfect copy!

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