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I love that 'who gives a fuck' is winning.

Clearly all the people, like me, whose choice did not make the final selection are now pretending they don't care.

Not cool.

If "who gives a fuck wins", I think there should be another open invitation for someone to explain why.

Surely you "give a fuck" by voting?


Paul, we're not cool. Definitely.

I care that I didn't get on the list. Ive discovered that I'm now not cool. Never was. And never will be. God.

I don't mean to be mean but I can't really tell the answers apart. Plus, 'who gives a fuck' made me laugh and this is all for fun, right?

who gives a fuck is the perfect expression of cool; the attitude and the indifference all expressed in a pithy, blasphemous phrase.

I fucking voted for it.

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