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what do you really mean by 'I can understand Russell more on video'? dude, i think he's fabulously articulate on audio and can say a lot more in less space. MB conscious, anyone?

and Russell,
anyone talking you out of doing the weekly podcast hasn't bothered to give it a listen.

it was going great. what happened? four pods later, you decide to do that thing called 'planners-with-cafe-noises' and the regular pod just vanished.

oh, come on. now, don't be a spoilsport - first, you get us hooked and then, you don't let us stay hooked.

do the video, no hang-ups. but, my friends and i want your weekly podcast back up. so, there. 13 of us voting in favour of it.

or, you know what? just set up a blogpoll - podcast OR vodcast. in the spirit of being fair.

because Luca is just one of the readers. not listeners.

boom! let the voting begin.

relax kedar. Maybe I shouldn't have blamed Luca, but doing those audio things takes time. I'll do both, but they're not going to be every week. And I'm running out of Heaven 17 7-inches.

Hey Kedar, my point is simply that not being english my first language and having studied in an american environment I have some difficulties simply listening to Russell because of the british accent. Seeing him talking makes understanding easier, that's it.

Anyway if everyone prefer audio, hey, it's no problem to me. I just gave my opinion to a question Russell asked.


hi Russell,

Thanks for your answer.

Funny you should mention the clicking crossing sound. Simon recorded a similar sound in Prague. I'll add it to the sounds for sounds sake page for you to check out.

Hey Russell

Thanks for telling us about your sounds. I thought you might be interested in hearing a recording I made of the pedestrian crossings in Prague which, like the Amsterdamn crossings, are mechanical rather than electronic. I fell in love with them, especially when you are wandering around and can hear them from all around you. The recording that I will link to is recorded binaraully which is best played back in headphones for that 'almost surround' effect! Enjoy. Simon.


If this link doesn't take you direct, just find simon james in the artist list.

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