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Well played Wotsit. Funny, but also one hell of a point when you think about it. The more you think about being cool, the less chance you have of being it eh?

that's planners screwed then.

The top three answers are actually the same.



Because not giving a fuck is showing people your uniqueness without caring if they like it or not.

Some people will find it unapealling. And some people will find it extremely appealing. But you don't give much of a fuck for either. After all, you are cool.

Cool then is about positioning yourself very aggressively and not really caring that you are being aggressive.

Cool is about attitude: being different yet being cool about it, i.e., being relaxed about it.

Cool is relaxed. And relaxed is all about not giving a fuck.

I don't think it means planners are screwed. Maybe it's just something to think about every now and again when everyone's trying too hard.

I'm Wotsit (clearly with some sort of identity crisis) and whilst I stand by my answer I think cool can be and is much more. But definitions are buggers. They tend to let slip the essence of things. Which is why showing by example is often better than defining something. (And I'd be stuck there.)

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