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dang! I don't live in India anymore but do meet the criteria. Anyhow, I did shoot an email to friends back home with the link. Hopefully they get in touch with you soon.

btw: love the OIA logo!

I've got a couple suggestions for China, just following them up now.

Russell live in Munich/Germany, and you can tick the boxes with the other stuff too.

I have a friend who is from LA, but is currently finishing her Masters in MultiMedia Systems at Trinity College in Dublin.

She has a personal blog, a group blog, and is working on a blog that combines mobile technology, Google Maps, and GPS. Her thesis was about how creative professionals utilize mobile technology.

Let me know if you want to be put in touch with her.

Oops. Too bad she doesn't live in any of those countries.

Russell, I live in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and am a willing participant.

I received the book you sent and am in the middle of reading it but my wife keeps making me switch to "The Baby Book" in preparation for our first.

if blogs and fotologs are enough created content (because i haven't done any art project with mobiles)i might meet the requirements and represent Brazil


That's lucky

I am from India. And I seem to meet all the criteria you've set. I can spend the time, no problem.

russell, from india and all that other stuff. do i get the job? :)

thanks to everyone for volunteering. we'll get in touch when we've completed our various journeys, unpacked and recovered from the jetlag.

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