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Hi.. I belv OTX was set up by this ex Ipsos genius called David Brandt. He came up with lots of models and ad persuasiveness measures. This other smart Ipsos guy called Ian Wright who set up lots of online projects across Europe for the Warner account joined them last year and they're becoming bigger and bigger!

I think that the APG website has a paper explaining the emo n cog power model. I have a pdf copy of the admap paper - if you want it feel free to drop me a note with your email address...

That APG link :http://snipurl.com/ui13
The OTX press release: http://snipurl.com/ui11

thanks Mat, very kind

Hi Russell,

I happen to be working for OTX in Los Angeles, CA. OTX was actually founded by Shelley Zalis 6 years ago. David Brandt joined OTX 2 years ago from Ipsos-ASI and heads the Cincinatti office and the CPG division. Ian Wright also joined from Ipsos a few months ago and set up the London office. I met Robert Heath and assisted his presentation about the role of emotions in driving consumer response a couple of times.

Let me know if you need more information. In the meantime, you can check our website: http://www.otxresearch.com.


I am the David Brandt referenced above although can't say that I agree (but am flattered) by Kajal's "genius" reference to me. (Do agree with his comments on Ian and OTX though). I have been working with Robert to set up and test out his work on Emotive PowerTM and Cognitive PowerTM and would be glad to answer questions anybody has if they want to contact me.

after reading the Admap paper on emotive/cognitive power my question is: do you measure emotive power by asking people questions?

having a brain science background i wonder how one can measure affective reactions by means of verbal output

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