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Thank you for the lovely post, Russell. I'm excited that you're as happy as I am with the emerging OIA identity---that is to say, Your Unholy Army of Squid. Any and all credit must go to you and Emily and David and Jeffre, though. Making good design is easy. Finding clients that have the verve, the zing, the sang-froid of putting both their enthusiasm and... well... their money behind something a bit unusual is a rare and lovely thing. It's my pleasure to help bring a new thing into the world and to support people I believe in. I'm happy you called me.

Lest I forget, David Mayes and the crew at Typecraft did a fantastic job pulling together a surprisingly ambitious print job in a very short amount of time. They complete me.

Hang on a minute - does 'surprisingly ambitious' mean 'expensive'?

I'm kidding. I kid.

Sounds like a good idea, and I really like the logo and the uses of it so far.

Yes, when it comes to client service, we now have a new mantra: What Would Stefan Do?

We should probably make up some wrist bands.

So, OIA? What's the meaning of/story behind the name?

how exciting!

Congratulations on your new big-eyed baby! looks very cool. Roll on global domination, am looking forward to the next installment.

Hurrah for you indeed. What a team. Most exciting venture I've heard about in ages.


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