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Don't worry about the mocha Russell, it was good to meet you all.

Picklin' Paul, it's all a lie. PSFK is a finely tuned trend spotting machine with a stunning office at the top of the Chrysler Building where Piers plans world domination.

Did Paul run in?

I never run at lunch time Ben.

The 'blunder' during the two minute silence was typical of my inability to navigate social life properly.

Apart from that it was all rather pleasant, and good to put some more faces to names (over a toasted sandwich).

Picklin' Paul - here is the meat site my mate runs which I'm sure you can link up with. http://www.thecarnivoreproject.com/

He has a 'sauces and sides' section which is currently lacking picalilly coverage.

Perhaps you could do a joint pie and pickle post?

It was very nice to meet everyone. See you all soon I'm sure.

It was great to meet you all and once again Russell thanks for organising this.

Lebowski - thanks for the link. I'll drop your mate a note and rectify his Piccalilli deficiency. The possibilities for pickle and pie posts are endless.

Henry - Don't worry I much prefer the gleaming, Chrysler building, view of PSFK.

Lovely to meet everyone, and glad to represent the overseas planning contingent. It is strange but good meeting people you only know by their writing. And very nice to put something tangible back into this world of digital blog thingies.

Thanks for organizing, Russell.

Hi all - sorry I couldn't hang around longer - would have been good to meet everyone.

And thanks Russell for posting the link to Brand Vs. Brand!

Same time this Friday?

Are you allowed to come along if you are 1) a complete stranger 2) a lowly designer?

If so I'd like to come along this friday morning if there's one happening...

Matt, everyone, but everyone is welcome. I won't be there this week, though I'm sort of hoping it'll happen without me.

I will be there next week though and I'd love to say hello.

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