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What a fantastic thing to have done.

Friday 4pm until...?

You have this incredible way of connecting people, Russell. Josh and I studied psychology in undergraduate together, and I never thought I would see him again! We initially kind of stared at each other sideways a little (during your spaghetti session), not being able to place one another out of context.

I had a wonderful time. Thanks for the coffee!

thankyou Johanna,

But I don't think it's anything special, just suggesting a time and a place.

Paul - I guess I'll plan to be there until about 6ish.

Good to see you had a chat with Ken and Adam. Looking forward to nicking some good ideas.

thanks a lot for the the coffee and great time, Russell.
My blog is twoway-monologue.blogspot.com
And I guess I might start an english version of it soon.
Hope to see you soon again.

Is the coffee 'afternoon' open house, I'd love to join in the chats with you and your friends?

any chance to fix a real coffee morning in london for the early birds?

something around 6-7am?


All these things are open house. Everyone is welcome.

And good plan on the 6-7 am thing. Maybe next week.

What a wonderful morning. It was great meeting you and everyone else. Thanks for spending some time with us

See you at the breakfast club for a nice cup of tea.

Great meeting everyone and once again Russell thanks for organising this. Good stuff all around.

I want to echo this as well. Russell, thanks for putting this together and connecting all types of people.

I love drinking coffee in a good company.I feel a lot more better and very happy.

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