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Hi, I am not with you for a long time and didn't have a chance to share my thoughts with you and the"bloggers". But I will use this opportunity with my broken english.
There is no account planning in turkey. Agencies have strategic planning departments working "far away" from creatives and account management, used usually as a research department. Desperate creatives and account management people started to ask for "planning" as they started to face more global brands and companies asking for "useful" advertising. I am one of the lucky "planners" in Turkey who has hired by a creative director to build a "creative strategic planning" department with two excited, young planners. I would like take this opportunity to use your expertise and great gift to teach for this great job. How should we start? thanks.

Hello you in Turkey,
Keep reading Russel`s blog and build spaguetti and marshmellow towers. This, as shown by Russel last time I had the chance/luck/honor/fun to be around him, will teach you to LEARN BY DOING, WORK IN PARALLELE, EMBRACE FAILURE and try do be charmed by the idea of MULTIPLE ITERATIONS. Makes a lot of sense and seems to work. There are other Russels out there ( maybe not as friendly and cool, but they will certainly give you perspective). I recently read that planning is generosity - how great is that ? - so here is the link to Piers Fawkes session at the recent Account Planning Conference in Miami - you will find a world of qualified sources ! Dig in : http://newyorkguide.blogs.com/psfk/psfk_getting_inspiration.pd

Here's a question for you Russell...

Why did you choose to get into account planning? I would love to know about the moment that you knew 'this is for me'...

I'm just copy and pasting but here's a good start.


I though about this on the way in this morning, I hope you don't mind it's not planning related.... oh I forgot to mention I will be in a meeting at 10am but I wanted to ask my question anyway;

With the means of production and distribution of media now firmly in the hands of the masses there is a devolution of power away from the select few who controlled the media.

What other areas of life, if any, do you see this change happening in the future? Could we get to the point where political power is shifted to the electorate and not just once every 4 years?

What do you think Planning will look like in ten years and how will Planners have to adapt?

(odd) Question: Sometimes, I find the client takes me down a path I don't want to go, to the end of the road, where I don't want to be. They are working to get to a brief as well, and together we embark on this journey, and despite my protestations and rationales and attempts at education, some of them force their way down to a dry, rational, functional, tedious benefit. When I take that away and try and turn it into something inspiring, they freak out - they want what they came up with reflected in the creative brief. One solution is to have an internal creative brief they don't see. I am mulling over another solution. I want a process that takes clients, and us, along a journey to get to, for want of a better word, a ballpark. I want us to define the area we're playing in, without getting into pointy specifics. And I want the client to be happy with what we've 'defined'. Without defining an exact dry benefit. Someteims, I just I want to agree on the boundaries, the lay of the land, the soil, the wind, and everything else surrounding or defining that ballpark, but not where the ball has to bounce, just yet. So that there is creative room for planners and creatives and others to come up with something intriguing in that ballpark, in a world where random is sometimes good. Is this wise, even with FMCG for example (fast moving consumer goods for those who don't know), and how do you personally best recommend doing it? To satisfy the client with where we have gotten to, and to have clarity, whilst still having an open mind.

Rats, a minute too early!

Sorry Gemma :) Sad, actually, as yours was simpler and clearer and would have been interesting...

Russell, if mine doesn't make sense, due to the frantic rambling, feel free to ignore...

In a time of percieved media devolution, two monolithic media companies control the largest amount of popular content.

Does this really coincide with the theorey that "we are the media?!"

thanks everyone, gemma and kirsty - I'll try and do both.

As a young planner just starting out, what is the best way to get that first planning job? Should start at Entry-level and work up, or do you wait it out until you get the position you want?

Plese write about the monolithic media companies and 'we are the media'... most interesting...

(Hahahahaha!!! - that will teach you Russell! Good luck making the sense of the current media situ & where it's evolving over the next decade :)

My heart went out to Zeynep though...

I am over chairing a conference in Istanbul in November if you want me to drop in and tell your colleagues what I think planning is all about, what the competing views are, & how I've seen it working in different agencies & cultures.

Meanwhile, why dont you get a small travel budget, visit ten good agencies in europe & see what they are doing in practise/what you would like to copy & what you'd like to avoid. I think with these sorts of questions there is no substitute for seeing what people actually do.

You'd have half the people you need to see on Russell's blogroll and it might be a nice little planner's holiday too. Even better take a tape recorder, podcast it and become a minor planning celebrity in your own right!

just a suggestion

Or video? Its the modern way!!!


Why did you wait until now to work as 'consultant' trio, was it a need for industry change you could not gain as an employee?

If so was this a reflection & a scary jump after what you did or did you not really learn in the past year?

Enjoy & I Hope I provides you with some forms of fullfillment on a daily basis.....

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