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Love to do coffee Russell. I'm here at the conference, name the place and the time.

Cheers, Phil

Just a couple of suggestions to make South Beach a little more tolerable:

Puerto Sagua for cheap, but good, Cuban food. It's an institution, at 7th and Collins.

David's Cuban Coffee, there are a few locations, closest one is 10th and Collins.

Sandwich place just off Collins and 14th. Gourmet sandwiches, open really late.

Lincoln Road has some pretty cool art/book/culture shops, and some great restaurants.

Enjoy Miami, still bitter I'm not there :(

I'm game too. Will definitely need coffee by Wednesday.

Would also love to meet up for coffee down here Russell

Ah... coffee. I'm there!

thanks Dino, I've already done Puerto Sagua. Fantastic place. Will try your other suggestions.

Everyone else. let's plan on Wednesday at 8, I'll try and find a good place.

Go to Books & Books on Lincoln Road. It's nice, relaxing, and not part of a huge multi-national corporation.

And they do a mean Goats Cheese salad.

thanks Monty, I found that place yesterday, liked it a lot.

I must admit, I'm coming round to Miami. You can forgive somewhere a lot for a nice warm sea.

I've just been there on vacation - well, technically I'm still there until Sunday, but I'm in Manhattan until tomorrow morning - and it's the kind of place that you can really get used to if you're not there for too long. If I was there for longer than a couple of months, I'm pretty sure I'd grow tired of it.

Like you said though, a warm sea certainly makes any failings a lot more forgivable.

Enjoy Miami, still bitter I'm not there :(

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