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I'm in. I don't have to pay anything, do I?

This should be fun.


It's free. Nada. Nothing.

We buy our thinking in bulk and pass the savings on to you.

What about ideas for marketing it in general, TV, print, etc. Off-limits?

Too late, sadly.

We already have 'a frog jumping over a pork chop', with incidental football.

Hi, Russell

My boyfried - who does not work with advertising - thinks it´s "an absurd" that I don´t have a portfolio of my own. And now I think it´s really an absurd that I don´t have a record of the things I have done so far.
(he also suggested me to "ask that web teacher of yours")

Well, have you got one? (Do planners have it? Do you think we should?)
I sounds so stupidy to ask you how to do it...
should I write a "case" of every relevant/interesting/loved project?

Hey Russell:

I'd like to start working on the assignments you've been giving out and this would be my first one.

What are the specifics of how I should go about this?



I've put forward a brief, but being a bit techno-lame can't work out how to attach a file - so I've emailed the 'info' address at Design Conspiracy direct.

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