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real, interesting, quick and visual = good

OK, so I am now officially stalking you. At this point I promise to not leave another comment for while;-)

I'm off to UGTV on Wednesday eve so maybe something'll come up then.

I'd love to come on Thursday, I've been trying to get the word out for years now and it's beginning to feel like the door might just be opening:-)

We could shoot a dodgy youtube dance like tomelina vid all together in the presentation and then upload it as a video response.

or not.

Damn, I've been away and didn't get to contribute, but some of my favourites are in the comments already. I'd love to come along though, if I can wangle it. If the invite is only for faithful contributors let me know, no offence taken...

Loving the Ordinary blog.

All are welcome. There's no heirachy here at russelldavies.com.

Bare the following in mind though:

It's bound to start late.

I'm only planning on talking for 40 minutes or so. The room's bound to be sweltering.

The projector probably won't work.

Train ticket prices mean I can't make it, but I hope it goes well!

Late = good

Hot = bad

I will weigh it up. And try and come.

It's not hugely likely, given work load, but it's something to hope for on a Monday...



Very interesting stuff.

Can I attend?

Some of the work I'm doing:

the first blog for a village in Botswana. it focuses on the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

daily travel videoblog

Let me know.


BTW, since youll be talking about Ze Frank thought youd be interested to know that in June my brother and I completed the Earth Sandwich:


What a hilarious adventure!

Ze's reaction to us completing it:



Everyone can come.

But I'm a little concerned people are thinking this is going to be some big thing.

Don't get overexcited, I'm just going to be showing some websites and talking about them a little. If you spend any time online you'll know everything I'm going to say.

Something elegant to wrap this up

"never before have so few been led by so many"

If I talk I will only learn what I already know!! can I come, listen and learn.

Handy - W&K is just round the corner from where I live.

Catch you by the biscuits.

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