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Well I agree with both the difficulty in moving forward from a favorite pair of shoes and your taste.

While Michelle prefers her AF1s (zebra skin at that) I think those comfy tongues and insoles (especially in the zoom TEs) are unbeatable - even though I've never gotten any for free from nayone nice at Nike.

I had a pair of Simple's in high school that were the best shoes I've ever owned. They don't make that model any more, and while I like the other Simple designs none have come close the the love that I had for those shoes. They were comfortable, they got cooler with age, and they just made me feel good. Although When I say that I loved them, I should point out that I left one of them on the top of my car on the way home from the beach one day, never to be seen again.

i'll never buy another pair of nikes because they always wear at the back of the heel.. i'm sure it's built into the designso you have to get a new pair. the soft textile interior wears way too quickly. good design would have a harder wearing material - like leather.

i know what you mean about tem being emotive though. you get attached to 'sneakers'. witness:

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