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Interesting post.
What is it exactly that we're supposed to like about cars?
I'm an absolute car nut and have also worked on a few car brands (porsche, ford). But being a petrolhead helped and hurt in equal measure.
Try getting someone excited about having to start a car with your left hand when they can't even be bothered to use it to shift gear.

1. Martin Parr is a genius. And those TV programmes he did were amazing (can someone interview him please?)

2. I’ve been to 3 Grand Prix’s and fallen asleep in the middle of every one of them.

3. If I ever met a car designer I would say, “How come all the sketches always look like this... and then all the cars always look like this? What goes wrong in the middle bit?”

Wonderful post. Loved every word of it (as usual).

Actually, I'm not a big fan of automobiles. And I hate hate hate driving on the freeways.

But I do love a winding road and a good car.

The RNLI vehicles are awesome. I've long maintained that the most desirable and stylish cars are the ones with enough flat, faceted surfaces to weld gunplatforms and improvised weapons onto when the balloon goes up.

Also - the derek meddings/mike trim thunderbirds lo-slung cab with MASSIVE wheels aesthetic is a winner too.

This maybe a necessary purchase:

as might this be:

did you see that in the US, the toy you get right now in the Happy Meals is a Hummer? not connected to a movie, or anything, just connection to the brand at a very very young age.

Ah Matt. Excellent finds. May have to get those. And nice to see someone still planning on the balloon going up.

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