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Great advice. In fact, the reason I came into planning was because I have been following Huxley's advice for most of my life. Now, I even run a blog - Ten Things I Didn't Know Until Last Week - that ensures that I don't forget about learning new things while going about life. Drop by at http://intenths.blogspot.com.

Creative generalist is fast becoming my second favourite blog!!!

That quote could literally change someones entire perspective.

Something about everything. Huxleys grandad was known as darwins Bulldog.

Forgot to ask...

how long were you posting before your first proper comment?

Richard, you've got the Huxleys mixed up a bit. It was the above quoted Thomas Henry Huxley himslef who was called 'Darwin's Bulldog' for his tenacious defence of Darwin's theories.

Aldous Huxley (not the one quoted above) was T.H. Huxley's grandson.

Now I don't know anything about the item I thought I knew something about! plain useless.

Those huxleys always playing tricks on people!!! Talented Little scamps! Why I outta......

Thanks for highlighting my distinct lack of somethingness. I will now consult wikipedia for another 15 mins everyday!

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