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Piers doesn't stop, does he? Happy to try and produce some names badges. In September of course.

If you want?

I'm not sure name badges are really us are they?

Damn right Russell!

Hey Russell, thanks for the plug.

"Organized" is all relative. After the nametags, everyone just does their own thing. Although everyone feels sort of silly putting them on, it really does make it much easier to just start a conversation.

R, Your coffee mornings inspired us! Noah and I had been trying to have a coffee for a while but we kept blowing each other out - so when we finally set a date, we thought we'd see if anyone wants to join us. A bit like your Breakfast Clubs.

Re. the name tags. I think all the regulars in the cafe look at us with a mix of suspicion and envy. It helps a lot.

The great thing about Likemind is that the only rule is that 2 people need set it up. That means if no-one else turns up, the organisers have someone to chat to.

Maybe we should do ours at 1pm. Then that'd be the same time. And there'd be some deep, synchronistic spiritual connection.

I like the only 2 people rule. Maybe we should do that. Then I don't have to be there.

Thanks Russell - exciting since I'm moving up to NY on Tuesday morning.

I went to a blogging conference in April. The first evening in the bar we were issued name tags. It feels so weird to say "hi" then squint at the person's chest (very dark bar) and go "hey! I read your blog" but that was what happened. We all know each other now.

Commercial is a nice touch.

Must have cost a bomb to get the dog from Fraiser to put in a Cameo.

It was actually a product placement deal . . .

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