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I'll take one, and post-rationalise my purchase later.

Me too.

Many years ago I had a mad business partner (the late Paul Jeffreys - Squeeze). As an April Fools prank we launched a scam book to clients, with accompanying conference - Retrospective Planning. Though our busines was advertising our vision was bigger, post rationalisation as it applies to everything! Look out world. Great insights with the benefit of 20/20 vision (hindsight). Thinking about it now I guess it wasn't such a silly idea. To rationalise is to find reasons. In itself a form or inquiry. Crikey, - learning. Would that some of my clients and colleagues could engage in such an exercise, instead of repeating the mistakes of the past.

S'a funny old world.

I'd take one if there was a girls' size...

I'll definitely have one!

i think we post-rationalize about most things in life. Don't know why in advertising should be different.
I want one t-shirt.

I need one!

We will take some... 10?

Sudeep :o)

We will take some... 10?

Sudeep :o)

good man Sudeep. Discounts available for bulk purchases.

Sudeep- Thanks for hooking us up, but we need girls' sizes, too.

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