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That's a great brief.

At the end of the year would you consider an APSotW get together?

No holds barred assignment - I like it!

There is a ton of stuff on youtube - search for; mma, mixed martial arts, ufc, pride, bjj, submission fighting, vale tudo.

I think the conversation pretty much lays out my thoughts. Here are some links to be getting on with...






And of course http://www.ufc.com/ - The ultimate fighting franchise is owned by Spike TV here in the states - so Spiketv.com will be a good resource as well.

Good assignment, I'm looking forward to it.

Good point Tim.

And Pride from Japan...


Cage Rage, the biggest UK show...



Do I just enter this or do you need an email address from me and vice versa?

Would love a go

They are open to all (I believe).

Anton - just pile in. Send me something when you're done.

Call me a cynic, but making MMA a top 5 sport in the US is a very tall order. Even getting into the top 10 seems like a long-shot.

1) NFL (National Football League)

2) NBA (National Basketball Association)

3) MLB (Major League Baseball)

4) NCAA football (college football)

5) NCAA basketball (college basketball)

Rounding out the top 10, by the way, are NASCAR (stock car racing) PGA Tour golf, Tennis, wrestling and pro hockey. Track and field, figure skating, bowling and a bunch of other TV-sports are in there somewhere.

Here is the problem: Money. Media dollars. Multi-million dollar, multi-year broadcast contracts. Cable rights. Sat distribution. Pay-per-view rights. Print deals. Endorsement contracts. And so on.

There is no way of breaking into the top 10 in 10 years, let alone the top 5 in 5 years. Unless your plan includes about a billion dollars of funding. And even that will not be easy. Sports/leagues like the XFL have had tons of cash, but it still didn't work.


MMA will be 3 behind NFL and NASCAR in 5 years

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