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We've currently got a textile exhibition (inspired by graffiti apparently) up in our reception/art gallery. Theres a pic in the creative spaces group on flickr - the exhibition changes every few weeks, so theres always something fresh to inspire.

I'm also trying to get a moveable wall/pinboard thingy to stick more random inspiring stuff on that can be wheeled around the agency. Can anyone recommend a solution? - we can't find a suitable supplier.

I started keeping a scrapbook for the kids (one each), right from when they were babies. photo's drawings and those wieird obsessions kids get are all in there. 'Anal Dad' I know, but Dads do that kind of stuff, and the kids now enjoy it too... now they're full of football and music which is a bit of shame as the originals had a touch of 'Metroland' about them.

I agree Russell, but blogs are the new scrapbooks aren't they?

That's right, blogs are the new scrapbook! I've got boxes and boxes of "future blog posts". I started clearing out my collection of books last year. Now it's time to start on the scapbookboxes.


....or just scan everything, been meaning to do THAT for ages...

I treat my blog like a scrapbook in some ways, and then I have a much bigger paper version.

Have you seen that old video called Mind Control showing how they got some creatives to come up with work they knew they would come up with by planting images on their way to work etc to get into their subconscious?

Keep a notebook; take notes most of the time.

But yes, this visual bit is fascinating! Hang on, will post pics of current pinned-up stuff on creativespaces in a bit

Thanks a ton for the letters post the other day. Can't tell you how much of a difference it made to me

I suspect there's another blog in this. Take a pic of your scrapbook, pinboard or other such ephemera collection and post it to a Creative Inspiration blog.

You could do it on Flickr, but then it'd just be a collection of photos. With a blog we could add a few personal comments and visitors could comment too.

Any takers?

i have a small scrapbook but even more useful is that big pile of rejected ideas...

amazing how often stuff can be made to work for a different client.

recycling. it's better for the planet and it saves creatives time too

creative recycling is the future. carbon neutral and all that ;)

muji do fantastic little notebooks about the size of a creditcard. never leave home without one.

saw a student book once that was a scrap book of their work. it was kind of engaging and tangetial and spralling in a good way, but i could stop the though bubbling through 'you're a bit mental'

I agree with the above comments...we should all keep scrapbooks...not just for our children....but our future generations to come. They will know what life was like today and how things have changed over the years. I hope to pass on my legacy to my children and grandchildren...I just hope my son (and future children) will appreciate all the work I put into them and the love that is behind them!

And great bungee wall! I love the "stuff" on the wall...I would love to get into scrapbooking for my walls...I might just get started on that! Great blog!!!

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