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122 from Unknown? Where might they be?

Brands in my Bathroom was brilliant. Any chance of any more rooms appearing? (Sorry, you've got enough blogging to do already, I know...)

Happy birthday - one of the best things about your site is never knowing what you're going to come up with next, but it's always interesting.

hey that's me on the map ! that little dot over Mexico! I moved to london recently (in fact, your blog was part of the inspiration to move here) so I guess I don't belong in the visitors from “exotic places" list anymore, that's sad. Anyway, Felicitaciones por el blog, Russell.

Growth of unique visitors, even bigger growth of comments, measure of popularity, international implantation, highlights of a 3-year history (focus on the emotional bits)...
Russell, it looks like you've become a brand now.

Happy birthday, russelldavies.typepad.com! You are a wonderfully clever, curious, insightful and generous blog. Your master feeds you well (diner fare, no doubt).

Russell, you have at least one reader in Israel, too.

I maybe the one of 122 unknown. I am from Bangkok, Thailand. Happy Birthday!

Happy, happy birthday Russell.

Thanks for the look back to where it all started and the timeline. Great Stuff.

(That's the easy bit over, now all we need to do is figure out how it'll all end;-)

Another one of the 122, from Dubai... It has been an interesting and inspiring one and a half years for me (since I found your blog). Thank you very much. Happy birthday!!

happy anniversary! Keep up the great work.

Another one of the 122... from India. Happy Birthday!.

and Happy Birthday from one of the 122, in China. Thanks for the great reading, the opportunity to get talking to so many great people and the chance to get involved. And God bless you for your work on behalf of the Great British Fry-up.

on of the first thing in the morning (after pressing the power-button of my powerbook, checking emails and starting safari) is reading your blog. it’s strange that someone (you) who i’ve never met has become a part of my daily life. i know how you look, what you’ve done over the weekend, can see arthut growing up, get an overview of the brands in your bathroom, know what your thinking about planning, can even be a student at APSotW (more or less) and even watch you swim with sneakers without you knowing anything about me. it’s weird but a great gift. maybe sometime i can change that „you know nothing about me“-thing. but until then: thank you, russel. thank you for all that.

Coffee Mornings. Links to other Planning-type blogs. Comments like this one. We're all learning a little bit about each other. Which is lovely.

Happy Birthday Russell - your blog/ blogs have been a joy to read over the last 3 years. They're continually interesting and inspiring. We only hang around here because you make it so much fun.

Happy Birthday Russell - your blog/ blogs have been a joy to read over the last 3 years. They're continually interesting and inspiring. We only hang around here because you make it so much fun.

Congratulations Russell, you give all us planners some great food for thought both in work and out of it. To Seb's point, it's funny how you feel you know someone you've never met.

Here's to many more years of fry-ups for the mind.

Three is the magic number after all. Happy magic number good sir.

Thank you and many happy returns!

Happy Anniversary Russell!

You're in a class of your own, looking forward to seeing what's in store!

Happy birthday, and thanks for some fabulous reading.

Happy Birthday!!!

Thank you for everyday inspiration, good humour, amazing thoughts and Arthur´s pictures (I feel like an aunt, I´m watching him growing up, it´s soooo cool).

Words are not able to measure the impact you have in my life.

Thank you!

Russell -
Many happy returns. Thanks for taking in all the stray planners. And rest assured, you don't look a day over two.

Happy birthday Russell.

This was the first blog I started reading about 2 years back and is still the first I go to every morning. Goes down very well with the coffee!

Thanks for the triangle tip. Works like a charm at least twice a week!

what a keen blog, Russell! I love your lesson witht the "the post that taught me about blogging" - 3 does seem to be a magic number. A celebration in order when I get 3 unique comments to a posting :)
Happy 3rd anniversary!

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