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Looks like E didn't show up. It downloads but won't load (at least for me). I'm fairly certain (given their overall comment on the deck) that it was mine, and I'd love to see what they thought.

Any way to re-load it?

Sorry about that Clay. Have another go.

Sorry about the last assignment. August got away from me and the assignment was intimidating. Interesting for sure, but the last thing I wanted to do was piss off a bunch of MMA enthusiasts with my ignorance.

Apologies definitely not neccesary. Just want to make sure there's some demand to keep going.

Thanks, Russell.

Very exciting to read the critiques. And many thanks to the Design Conspirators for the notes!

Feeling encouraged...

What do I win? What do I win?

Firstly, my heartiest congratulations.

Secondly, you're going to get a logo designed to your brief by The Design Conspiracy, which is a priceless prize.

And thirdly, because it's better to get something real, you can choose; A signed copy of Gladwell's Blink or a signed copy of Douglas Coupland's Jpod.

What do you fancy?

Finally, it came out. Mine is 8C. I think 8D is great and i agree with the design conspiracy team. Thanks Russell and the design conspiracy for comments. (Sorry i didn't join the 9th assignment because i have been so busy with my family business) I really enjoy doing your homework :)

Even though I've read it I don't think I could pass up a signed copy of Blink.

Thanks Russell - I was half kidding but delighted to accept.

I will email you my address.

btw, do we all get Russell Davies APSWO graduation certificates one day? ;)

Michelle - Congratulations, you got the special prizes. I wish i could.

Thanks for the congrats. Looks like I only won by a hair - yours has some great thinking behind it too!

Michelle & Thanit: Well done... Certainly showed me what I was missing.

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