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I feel quite reassured by this. I saw something about the project on the BBC a few weeks back and thought, how annoying. Even though I agree a bit it's just so nonsensical. He can't be giving up all brands, can he? Is The Gap okay because they don't put a label on the clothes? Is George at Asda alright because it's cheap? I should visit his website really and see what it's all about. But I'm too annoyed.

This bonfire thing is just too annoying. See how annoyed I am? http://dangermain.typepad.com/dan_germain/2006/09/bonfire_of_his_.html

You did the right thing not going on News 24.

i don't neil, his work, his motivations, the nuances of the debate, etc - respect for fuelling debate, but yes, how annoyingly simplistic this seems to be. Brands are way more complex and more valuable than this appears to be giving them credit for.

That's a shame :-(

I thought that Neil's arguments and blog were interesting, original and for the most part sensible and realistic views of a world that brands (or more importantly people behind brands) have co-created.

It's sad if it's now having to tend towards a No-Logo 2 in order to sell.

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