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Very enjoyable. Do more please.

I'd like to learn about; comics, graffiti, and fishing.

(And loads of other stuff that I can't quite think of now.)

Ah - the beginnings of (or at least modern equivalent of) Radio Russell. How quaint. Didn't you used to write for the Beeb as a comedy writer? Perhaps this is your natural home... Love it though - more please about 'Britishness' if at all possible.

Ditto. Very nicely presented. I like the hipcast thing. Letting people talk about things they like is great.

As for other stuff, comics and graffiti are a great place to start, I say. Niche/ specific genres of music would be nice too.

Punk rock. I'd be up for that.

I'd be up for:

1. TV Cartoons of the 70's
2. Airports of Europe
3. Superheros

...sorry, it's lovely by the way. I think the sound is quite good. Well done.

I never got Buffy. But I would listen to radio shows about

1. The Sopranos
2. Motown vs Stax
3. Gardening for idiots

And pretty much anything about specific genres of music, as mentioned above by a couple of people.

Gardening for Idiots is a great idea. We could get Richard (Guerilla Gardening) Reynolds to join in. Anyone else know a lot about gardening?

Plus I think music genres and comics seem to be coming out favourite. Any volunteers for talking?

And cartoons. I'd love to talk about that.

Here a quick list of my absolute favourite cartoons:

1. Ulysees 31
2. Catch the pidgeon
3. Wacky Races
4. Wait till your father gets home
5. Battle of the planets

(This actually reminds me of wasted school holidays watching the TV. Does anybody remember the old B&W Robinson Crusoe that used to run on "Why dont you"?)

"In our own time" is a classic title.

The goonies or Waynes world or even big trouble in little china.

Brilliant idea!

Marcus - not only do I remember it but I put up a link to the theme music and a still from the opening credits on my blog:

It is under Lemon Jelly Inspired Nostalgia. Hope you enjoy it - cheers. Mark

Mark - That's perfect. What a lovely nostalgic day.

Gosh - isn't it just - I have just re-listened to the Robinson Crusoe piece and have been transported back to gentler times myself - nice one Marcus! Also - just to tip you completely - check out http://www.nostalgiacentral.com/ and tell me the next hour won't be fun!

Mark- that's great. How lovely.

One word: Fingerbobs

I'm actually near to tears.

Cities of Gold

Metatextual exegesis of modern cultural artefacts - like Buffy.

Also see Lost - movie references, Simpsons - movie and everything else references, 3 Feet High and Rising - samples and indeed any aspect of the emerging remix culture.

O and Dungeons & Dragons. That rocked ;-p

From Fingerbobs to 'Metatextual exegesis of modern cultural artefacts' - I feel like I am reading a draft of Finnegans's Wake! What a day!

OK on a more serious note - please can you do something about what the British public like to collect - stamps, coins, mugs, thimbles etc - (but not antiques please), and talk to real enthusiasts about their collection of 'stuff' - record collectors particularly. Cheers.

My mum collects frogs (not live ones). Has done for about twenty years.

Russell - interview Marcus's mum please about her frogs.

Collections are really interesting - I was involved in a thing about that a while back that never happened - kind of fusing the Japanese Otaku culture with English eccentricity.

I was discussing the gay connotations of the film top gun with friends the other day and started to talk about different films from the 80's and early 90's that talk to different cultural aspects of the timeframe. Waynes World is a great but more funny example. I think looking at humour that movies have used to cover cultural changes in society would be interesting. look at Parent Hood which was funny but really started to highlight a cultural shift in the parents role in the household. PS: the Buffy movie failed, because they used Luke Perry from Beverly Hills 90210 as the main dude

Thundercats and Dangermouse. And amen to City of Gold. Not listened to it yet but love the idea.
I wonder if there could be a crafts one. Knitting. Gardening sort of comes under that for me. Although whilst you could have a whole programme about gardening, knitting on its own might struggle.
And hip hop.

Bit late to this, but if anyone wants to learn about American alternative music 1985 to the present day, I'll happily chat about that for a while.

I'd also like to learn about folk music, how planes can actually fly given how heavy they are, and Greek and Roman mythology.

Heavens! The Buffy movie failed because the casting was awful and the story pretty much sucked.

The first TV episode beat the movie by twenty miles - "seize the day", "you forgot your....stake", "pepper spray is just so passe"...I'll have a listen to your discussion in a moment.

As a fan of both 'In Our Time' and 'BtVS' all I can say is - this is terrific! If you care to do similar works, I would certainly listen. You have the same balance that Oor Melvyn's programme has of telling newbies the basic info but not patronising those who are in the know. I suddenly realise just how much the world needs an 'In Our Time' for Popular Culture. Popular Culture is academically underrated.

Best Buffy joke is that Spike the Vampire, once an Edwardian poet, is known as 'William the Bloody' not because he's an evil vampire but because his poetry was bloody awful.

Thank you for this.

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