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A voluntary relationship.

Really effective marketing will become 'invisible'.

An attempt to inform consumers of their options

marketing will eventually become a grown up

Smart and interesting people coming together constantly making stuff(products, books, theatre, services, ads etc) that other people like.

ineffective unless it provides value to the recipient

The art of providing unexpected stuff that turned out to be dearly awaited.

What it's always been - giving people what they want

marketing will become an antiquated term

An art of creating “Wants” and transforming them into “Needs” through a constructive, meaningful & sustained dialogue with the consumers

Marketing will turn society into one spectacular spectacle. A grand theatre with the commodification of emotional experience at its core. WOW!

Fat, if Russell's diet is anything to go by. :-P

mutual discovery - between brand and consumer

There will be two tiers. An incredibly over spun top layer with a swirling undercurrent of gritty honesty.

An open conversation between brand and buyer.

A lame blog meets myspace thing with streaming video and a viral campaign.

Fluid, less resembling a task list (viral? check. 30s spot? check.) and more an actual intelligent conversation. (oh i hope!)

Marketing will become more focused on fueling the spark which ignites consumers to become self-marketing spokesmen (bottomline: more UGC).

A strategic way to add value to the consumer's life beyond the product or information e.g. entertainment, experiences etc.

great marketing is and will be a mutually beneficial communication between companies and consumers about their brands, products and services.

Marketing will simultaneously become so well camouflaged as to be invisible, and so effective as to be essential.

Marketing will become: The point at which market research and brand messaging converge, openly.

It will become less of a jarring disruption and more a welcome informant.

Real. A conversation when there's something to say and interactions when there are deeds to be done.

All digital (not necessarily 'the web') and all contextual.

Marketing will become...

... many things to many people. There isn't just one marketing solution or one direction in which it will change

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