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I read a similar thing about Seinfeld

As Clayton Christensen suggests repeatedly in The Innovator's Solution, circumstances are a far better indicator of value than the fog of demo/psycho/socio-graphics. Ostensibly, this is because the former adduces causality, the latter only correlation.

Making a show for a demo, or even a society, reminds me of the task one Dr. Seuss character from "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" had each night upon going to bed. To wit:

"Who am I?
my name is Ned.
I do not like
my little bed.

This is not good
this is not right.
My feet stick out
of bed all night.

And when I pull them in,
Oh, dear!
My head sticks out of bed
up here!"

Brands as an "acquired taste". I like that. No quick fix, no silver bullet. Like learning to love the taste of olives (still not there yet).

Actually, the next paragraph also looks interesting! At a guess, something about celebrating the unique elements of living an "ordinary" life. Which is where engagement comes from ... something authentic that reminds me a little about how I live my own life -- no matter which country I live in.

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