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i love the number of URLs and projects you managed to drop in to your 24hrs ! And i also like the space time continuum thing which meant you had two 6pms.

pity you didn't have two 3pms instead, then you could have charged the extra hour to a client (or gone for an extra coffee).

strange picture too. you look a bit glum. was it taken during a 4am murmur ?

Is the project/URL thing that transparent? Ah well.

I'm not happy seeing that picture at the top of the page. I might have to write another post to move it down a bit.

The drumming bits must be nice, I miss it. Maybe I'll pick up some roland v-drums sometime soon. Next time you're in the states we should have a planning drum-off. It seems like most planners have been drummers in some capacity before, so we could probably assemble a fairly large group.

Russell, do you ever smile? Like ever? Or is it all so disappointing?

Which part of WoWarcraft would you recommend for a nice cup of tea and a chat ? Stormwind ? Zul-Farrak ? Are you planning to go ebcb in WoW ?

I have just bought one of those storyboard Moleskins that I am test driving at tht moment.

But it put me in mind of a great idea. Just as books in Waterstones now carry endorsements from the Richard and Judy book club so too should products that Russell Davies has endorsed.

Or maybe a RD licensed range of 'stuff' like Nigela Lawson's kitchen equipment with your cheeky bearded face peeking out from the packaging.

With illustrations by Paul, of course.

Don't Ben.

I can't take anymore rejection.

I am seeing a whole YouTube channel -- RD as the Paris Hilton of Branding. Not only will there be merchandise, specially designed packaging and so on, but there will also be walking tours and cafe tasting notes. Actually this could form the basis of the next APSOW assignment ... although with days this full, I don't see where you get the time to review the assignments!

Over the past six months I've been able to accomplish a surprising amount of business while playing WoW. I think it's somewhat like having a standing-up meeting versus a sit-down meeting, or an impromptu brainstorm versus a planned-out creative session. It's just better in there. We're all relaxed.

Too bad we can't all be on the same server, though.

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