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a great deal helpful! people have always told me not to put too much stuff in a presentation, but never told me the 'how'. cheers to teaching the art of being concise..

On the youtube thing - apparently youtube selects a frame from exactly half way in and there is not a lot you can do about it unless you swap the middle frame for another one like this guy did ...

It could end up looking like one of those old subliminal advertising films if you do it really badly.

It surprises me that more people don't try fiddling this though given the value of the chosen image in promoting the content.

I always rehearse the presentation, sometimes using a "live" audience of friends who know nothing about the subject. That way I get used to telling the story of the presentation and re-work things that aren't clear.

Top stuff Russell.

You tube takes the frame from halfway through the video, so you could just extend the end for a few seconds until the frame you want to display is exactly half way.

I gather you were talking about "presentation slides", I've learnt to distinguish between two types of powerpoint decks: "presentation" and "leave behid". The former should have the least amount of text possible (you're telling a story, not writing it) and the latter have all the relevant text and charts.
I think that bad powerpoint comes from confusing these two formats and purposes.


cutting it in half's always difficult I find. once I've crafted the slides, I always feel a slightly odd attachment to them...!

great advice though - a picture says a thousand words and all that

My top presentation tip is a triple espresso half an hour before show time. Works a dream. The crash is dramatic though.

Have you started using a lighting kit? You look like an even better bloke than normal...(did I use that right, bloke? It always feels uncomfortable for an american to use English english.)


Just discovered your blog. Great stuff. "Enter the Copywriter" is brilliant. Thanks for pointing it out.

Your Powerpoint tips are helpful, though I must admit that the part about using a Moleskin to sketch out the deck is just a tad bit old-school. I'm pretty comfortable doing that on screen, but that's me.

In terms of presentations, using Guy Kawasaki's 10/20/30 format has always been a big help to me:

10 slides: People can't handle more than 10 big ideas at a time.

20 minutes: Since there are always problems and presentations always run long, it will turn into an hour.

30 point font, minimum: Forces you to know your stuff and keeps the focus on you and not on the screen.

And I almost forgot: a big hello to Arthur. Your cameo in the video was awesome! Best of luck with your film career.


Great discussion on Powerpoint! You managed to make even this video clip amusing - I'd like to see you give a PPT presentation. I'm sure it would be equally engaging.

Hi, I am from Colombia and I work as a planner for an agency here. Last night I was reallY concern about a culitative project. I want to make something different to present it, not the same power point presentation. I want something practical, emotional and sensitive.
I really appreciatte some of your advices about this. I´ll tell you the end of my research.

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