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Oh my god, this is heartbreakingly beautiful.

Anne, you've so eloquently captured many moments I've had with my guys. (Ugh, MORNINGS!) It is amazing isn't it, we do so many things wrong on a daily basis and they still offer us such deeply unconditional love. Beautiful. Wish you guys were still in Portland so we could parent ineptly together. :-)

You should read "Father forgets" (http://www.google.com/search?q=father+forgets). The article you cite seems to be inspired a lot by it.

Wonderful stuff, Anne. Something tells me Arthur is very lucky to have you as a mum.

Thanks for pointing out that Father Forgets piece. It was pretty much like mine, only more talk of ripped stockings and marbles. The only point I'd disagree with is the idea that children don't understand when you apologise to them or try to explain why you were cross. Generally, I think they do get it. It's good to say sorry to your children, sorry for just being a bit crap. Isn't that the way they get to learn that misjudging situations is part of life? We need to be sorry, and then get over it.
God, I sound like a real know-all, don't I? All preachy. Awful! Anyway, thanks for reading it.

I love it.

Anne, you're right. You've got to say sorry. I've got three girls. I spend most of my time saying sorry. And it is always my fault.

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