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There's an uncanny resemblance between the familiar and yet strange representations of Fred Flintstone and Mickey on those fairground rides and the pictures of us on that 'Napoleons' invite. Do you think there's any chance they could be by the same artist?

Fairground graphics like the ones shown here used to upset me to the point of ranting when I was a kid. They were clearly in violation of copyright and, more importantly, they were such bad, bad knockoffs of characters I loved. Pissed me off to no end. Still kind of does, even though I understand that I should like them for hipster irony purposes.

But I like beautiful artwork (and beautiful language) that shows care. It's kept me from appreciating most of the "adult swim" lineup on the Cartoon Network. It also means that I love, love, love original fairground designs with all the beautifully carved gold swirls, or even the patterns of rows and rows of colorful light bulbs. (I never got laid in high school. No fucking wonder.)

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