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I'm finally going to be in London on a Friday. Hurrah!

Andrew - I'm really sorry, I've just realised I have to be in Manchester on Friday. But I'm sure people'll press on without me - Paul? John? Henry?


How about one coffee morning for the early birds? Like 6.30-8.30 when iIt still bright in the mornings and just before we enter the winter sleep….

Hope you’re well,


Ha! Just my luck!
Anyone around?

I can't meet in the day, as I have a 2.38pm meeting at Yakult HQ (way out West).

However, myself and Henry are going to meet for a beer at about 6pm in Soho (somewhere near the Breakfast Club); we'll let you know where.

Any of the usuals are welcome to join us, or anyone else for that matter (Andrew?).

Blogging coffee becomes blogging beer - for one week only!

How about the George 1 D'Arblay St http://local.google.co.uk/local?f=q&hl=en&q=pubs+in+d%27arblay+street&ie=UTF8&om=1&z=17&ll=51.514678,-0.135849&spn=0.002878,0.007124


We'll be there. Everyone welcome.

That's a very preceise meeting time. Yakult clearly runs like clockwork.

It's not to be, I've got to get back in sunny Leeds. I'd love to make another Friday to meet these people, who I sort of feelI know, soon though. In the meantime, if anyone (Carol?) is around Tuesday afternoon, Soho -ish, I am.
Sorry to use your blog as a meeting forum Russell but nobody reads mine;-)

Like a well oiled machine Henry.

I'll be there at 6.11pm.

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