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Amazing ideas Russell. Yours to send the mp3s and his to make the website. And the book is really cool.

That's fantastic. When is Arthur writing his?

This is brilliant. A great book made even better by your and Arthur's commentary. How about you shop it to Radio 4? I can see a kid's book review show in your future...

It would be interesting to hear what Stefan thought of Arthur's "review". I love the way kids just take an ideas and run away with it.


Absolutely delicious. Stefan's website IS the ad for the book. Done. Sorted.

You are an true jewel on the Web. Your idea velocity is amazing.

Tone, ideas, the lot. You've figured something out my friend and it's working. Big time.

email: douglass dot turner at gmail dot com

doug and everyone, that's very kind. Thanks. Glad everyone liked it.

Inspired and inspiring. Reminded me of Tom Hanks in Big. Does Arthur want a job as Big Al's creative director?

Love it. Great example of bringing insight to life. Have posted on it (wheresthesausage.com) But your interactive story-telling session made me feel like Crapdad... I normally skip through the stories at hyper speed so I can get the kids to bed asap.

thanks David, kind of you to say.

But you should hear how crap i am when there's no recording equipment around.

thanks to this I can't get ANY work done, I just keep playing it. Arthur didn't have a voice or much of a personality when you all lived here, this is SUCH A TREAT but it's also ruining my life! Just kidding, thanks Russell! We miss you three.

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