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One of the best shifts (or corrections) in planning thinking Russel. Now the question is how do you do move into execution & complexity if you are not working for your agency or W+K?

Yes, damn it, film youself doing this. The post was terrific, but the film would be better.

I love the way you work with simplicity. I don't know if you've ever listened to Alan Watts but when I read your presentation stuff I hear AW's voice.

Just wanted to say something nice as I'm sick in bed and reading this cheered me up:-)

AW = http://www.alanwatts.com/


Those either/or thinkers must be helped (influenced?...ordered!) to put that stuff aside and get with the program.

The idea that something as important as, oh, I don't know, execution(!), maybe, just might be seen as integrally related to strategy...in 2006, is it still possible that people see this as some kind of Harvard think-talk idea? Have folks not been watching what's been going on for the last decade?

I've just started reading your blog in the last couple of months and enjoy it a great deal.

Kind of fun to go back and read this and then see that about a year later, Nike is publicly talking the same about reducing media spend:

“We’re not in the business of keeping the media companies alive. We’re in the business of connecting with consumers.” - Trevor Edwards, Nike’s corporate vice president for global brand and category management - via http://rurl.org/ftx

Wonder who might have started influencing them in that direction long before this article ever came about? :-)

That's very kind Paul but it's probably the other way round. I was influenced by Nike, not them influenced by me.

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