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You really are a glutton for punishment aren't you!

Talking of punishment [what a link] it reminds me of a joke ...

A Mum walks downstairs holding a bunch of hardcore S&M mags.

With tears in her eyes she tells her husband that she found them under their 10 year old boys bed.

"What should we do?" she asks tearfully.

"Well ..." say's the Dad, "... we're sure as hell not going to spank him!"

I don't think you fully realise what you got yourself into....considering the community around your blog, you will have to deal with dozens of recommendations!

lets see if it works!

I nominate:

Better advice for young planners by Richard Huntington

And five things about powerpoint
by you Russell

here's my riff

life 2.0 by David Armano:

tech: how to explain RSS the orphan way (Stephanie Quilao)

work: 3 types of productivity (digital digressions)


Sounds like a "carnival" except for the voting part. When pajamas media launched, they had a carnival that got 50 entries and they put links up to all 50.

You need to be really clear about the timing too, as some of the recommendations include August posts. I don't see that as a problem for this first go round though.

I nominate my own post in the hope that it will prompt more people to see the brilliant Half Nelson (in the US at least - not sure it's out anywhere else yet).

Johanna very kindly agreed to host this. It didn't make sense on my music blog. So it's a joint entry.


What an excellent idea!

Here is my pick:

Playing it safe part II

Excellent start folks. This is quite exciting.

Anyone want to design a badge/medal prize thing. Paul? - I'd be very excited to see yours.

Not sure I can draw badges, only people. Actually I'm not I can draw people either. I'm quite good at sheep. So yeah, maybe I should give it a go.

Here's a design idea if you are interested. I'm sure you will get a bunch of takers on this.


Great idea. Looking forward to following this.

In case I forget I nominate my own

p.s. u da man russell

Distributed Village.

Anyone booked the domain name yet?

You have mail Russell.

Not quite up to the standard of David Armano's work, but almost, almost.

David, that's lovely. Many thanks for that. I'd be very happy to go with that. (Though personally I'm not sure it needs the 'Russell Davies'.)

Paul, yours is genius, in art by prisoners and madmen kind of way. While I love it I think some people might be reluctant to have it on their blog. Nike might have problems too. Will you post it on lifeinthemiddle or should I put it here? You know, for the world to see.

Great idea, Russell! My favourite so far this month is this one:

Cool Russell, glad you liked it. I've updated the visual on my blog (sans your name). let me know if you can grab it from my blog.


I know I'm late. Sorry. But I would nominate the following:

My best post yet (I think)

And Paul's on MMA

I definitely agree with Dave Armano's first suggestion. ;D


This Is My Process.

U da man.

Maybe it's very usual for you, but I've never heard about it before in Brazil. I just found it interesting:
Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge 2006



related to the "playing it safe" post above, I also liked jason's post on failure here:



I'd post it on my blog but the image is at work, so feel free to post, or I can do Monday.

Either way I think it's important that your readers view it, and see what a disastrous mistake you've made - you almost made me cry when you said "... I think some people might be reluctant to have it on their blog".


Expressed my outrage here...


Perhaps people should have the choice of banner? As long as it links back to the same place...

A little calculated brand inconsistancy seems in the nature of the proposal anyway.

Plus, I'm vastly entertained by the idea of hundreds of bloggers feverishly competing to put a sheep on their site.

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