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It would appear that the marketing managers son has just learnt how to use CorelPaint. Awful.

And it shows no respect for the food. If you were a buyer, would you think 'quality ingredients' when you saw that? Or is this the catering equivalent of the mechanic's topless calendar?

Not just "Big" but "juicy" too!

Maybe they balanced it out with a man in his underpants and some stupid comment about his "lunchbox" i.e "Lets do lunch?"

Surely lads mags are doing v.well just not as well as they have been and then only slightly.
they are hardly in terminal decline.

but yeah. pretty crass stuff.

The model is the owner's girlfriend. Bet you.

Airlines are even persisting with it: -


There is another one in the series, I think it's something to do with cheese. Same concept, but with cheese and a blonde girl.


There are several in the series - I walked past their depot the other day. All were of women - no close-ups of a male crotch with the slogan 'Big juicy sausages!' Funny, that...Seriously, I hate those vans. Whatever misogynistic, maggot dicked twot thought those up should be shot at dawn.

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