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Right. So I need to fake an interest in football, stop trying to keep up with everything Seth Godin publishes, forget about econometrics (thank god) and get blogging before its banned :-)


I had a great time writing my response to your post. Then I took a stab at ten predictions:


The Birch and Swinnerton-Dyer assertion is pure conjecture. Very funny:)

the future is bright! now i feel optimistic. brilliant post.

This post prompted me to wiki and or google 7 terms or people in it. Good learning experience for a young planner. Nice job and very funny (especially when you understand all the references).

"Global warming and rising ocean levels will mean that the Cannes ad festival is relocated to Bucharest. The winning ad in 2016 is a visual joke about someone falling over that no-one remembers ever seeing before."

That's classic. Fun read.

ha ha ha..Thanks Russell! I needed a laugh! Am especially loving the one word equity..

Bring on the blogging ban ... maybe I can get some sleep!


Russell, what a wonderfull post, i laugh a lot…really.
We got a conversation waiting…see you


Not really relevant to this article Russell but about the APG event Battle of Big Thinkers. Just emailed my head of planning to try and get funding to attend. If not, in exchange for intimidating the floor to vote for you (although I'm sure you'll get a landslide anyway) any chance of getting on the guest list for a poor but enthusiastic trainee planner?

My agency just confirmed I'm being funded to attend. Made my day. See you there

My agency just confirmed I'm being funded to attend. Made my day. See you there

ahahahah ... I loved that one about "Paul Feldwick’s brain on a memory card". Why not?

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