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It is truly a relief to hear you say this Russell, because it means you're actually human! (see, I had all kinds of kind of 'machine' conspiracy theories in mind!)

The one thing I think you missed off is 'RSS anxiety' i.e. how does everyone feel when they've been away on holiday for a week and know their feeder is likely to be pushing four digits? (or, how many of you have actually sneaked off to an Internet cafe, only to be lambasted by your lady one hour later!)

I also work in marketing and blogs have certainly taken my cultural awareness to another level. That said, I do think that the beneficial knowledge/thinking can sometimes come at a physical/mental/social cost at times

I appreciate that this is the side of blogging which rarely gets mentioned (guess it's kinda uncool to touch on this - clearly we're all effortless pseudo-journalists, brand thinkers and culture vultures 'just because we can'), but I suspect it comes hand in hand with the passion for at least some of us (he says)

Sorry for hogging your comment space Russell. Anyway, better get back to the feeder ...

Don't feel you have to do it all just for me!

But just to pile on the pressure, you'd be surprised (or maybe not!) at the number of hits a link from your blog generates.

Ah, to wield such power.


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