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If Magnus Pyke is ghost of planning past, can Derek Griffiths be planner of the future?

The man is a genius. Apart from voicing almost every British ad of note in the early 80s, recording one of my favourite albums (hard to find BBC LP of songs from Derek-fronted late 70s show 'Heads and Tails'), and writing the theme to Bod, he also wrote such Play School classics as "We all walk the wibbly-wobbly walk", "I'm a dingle-dangle scarecrow with a flippy-floppy hat" and "I wish I could wobble like my sister Kate" (thanks tv.cream.org for reminding me).

This has inspired me to devote the rest of October on www.dylantrees.com to Derek. What fun this will be.

Ok I think now you said a lot for students like myself. I love this kind of argument and I miss this frontal point of view here in Brazil, where everybody are trying to do by the book. So I guess you answered my email more than you can ever imagine (This was not a directly answer) and I glad that you did in a way or another.
This made, like you posted, add more meaning to the other stuff that you wrote about it.
Still looking forward for the next assignment.

Sorry I missed it. Congrats on your triumph. Ivan's comments seem to bear out, once again, that it's not what you say, it's how you say it. Ads, politicians, even planners.

The slides in this post are insanely good.

The background video is genius.
God bless the goonies.

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