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once you make your own blog, how do you get people to read it? :)

Blogging as a gimmick and blogging as a CV all in one post!

The interesting thing about blogs as CVs is that they provide a historical record of your thinking, creativity and even leadership. That can be both good and bad (depending on the job you are going after).

But it is bound to make CVs inherently more truthful!

I think blogs are great calling cards. Especially if you have a good perspective. Nevertheless, I met someone the other day who, in trying to get a job deleted their blog because they thought it revealed a little too much about their character. I guess we live in a time of "immediate reputation". We make our reps as we go, by the second. Blogs are a way to position yourself. Demonstration is the best method of application. The difference between talk and walk!

I have pondered on the blog-CV switch before - within the more 'creative' marketing field anyway. It certainly has the potential to provide backup/substance, as opposed to hollow claims/mere rhetoric

My only concern is how your integrate your work accomplishments into your profile/blog, which can be a sensitive issue. Interviewing and selection based purely on blogging ability could be a bit thin for some. And I expect the marketing jury is still out on whether a great blogger always makes a great worker

But don't get me wrong, a blog is one fine addition to the marketers armory. And a laggard-out-of-touch stigma could eventually haunt those who resist (and this applies equally to agencies - with a nod to W+K and Fallon)

Russell, you forgot the money for nothing and chicks for free part. Thats why I blog anyways...


I don't know if you are aware of it (or perhaps it is your Brit modesty) but one of the reasons we all gather round to read your posts is because you have a distinct voice that is immediately resonant with me (us?).

Keep doin' ya thing.


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