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Nice stuff. I like the idea of starting from a tiny spend and then working back up to a big budget.

So much better work could be made if agencies didnt have the luxury of a multi million media spend.

what fun!

obviously you'll be feeling the pressure stepping into the big man Marquis' boots, though ;-)

You need an angle.

You're right "that's ridiculous".

It feels like you're writing whilst someone is watching. What's nice about this blog are the little 'umms' and 'don't knows' and 'not sures'. The honesty and humility that's so lacking in this industry. Sure, that's easier on Typepad than it is in the Dead Tree Press. I suppose I'm saying just write the same as you blog.

But hey, it's the first one and I don't have a column in Campaign...

But you were on Radio 4 Ben, twice.

It's meta-physical.

2 comments - Verity Johnston at Arc proposes zero sum budgeting - starting with the assumption that you have no money and then building your budget with ROI. I think about that a lot. The reflex spend culture of agencies (What's the budget?)is a disgrace.

But I'm also reminded of when Kay Scorah did the round of Pedigree Petfoods clients when she was head of planning at Bates to plead with them to let the agency make some ads with an original idea in them on the grounds that it would allow them to reduce their ad budgets. They thought she was mad. You see the way a marketer gets promoted is by boasting that they control budgets of x million. They want more for the money. But most marketers don't want to reduce their marketing spend - it's career suicide.

Which raises the interesting conjecture that perhaps marketing spend is too critical to be trusted to marketers (or agency types) without radical restructuring (so THAT'S what's going on?)

It's a brilliant way of thinking of new ideas and new thinking, but I don't understand why they are necessarily better.

I think the marketers get promoted due to budget controlled is an unhelpful caricature.

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