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oh, damn ! we're doing the thing in bucharest this evening, so apparently we've missed the "over the world" part by a day. maybe next time :)

And us 'Up North' too(http://joymachine.typepad.com/northern_planner/2006/10/northern_planni.html#comments).
Perhaps we should do our northern get togethers on Fridays in solidarity.
Look what you've started Russell. Looking forward to being in London on a Friday one day;-)

I was just thinking this was an idea ready to go global. Jason has had such fun having coffee in London, I thought it was just a matter of time before Toronto got in on the act. So we'll throw something together for Toronto and see if we can't get a few people beyond our Leo Burnett planning family.

Fantastic! finally one here in San Francisco.

I'm a friend of Noah Brier, CK, Loren Feldman, other NYC bloggers, esp. Chelsea Hotel Living with Legends blog.

I see coffee in the title. I just last night viewed a PBS show on Coffee's Comeback. The regular Joe, unflavored, rich black in white mug, the Slow Speed, the Liquid Wake Up.

Watch out Starbucks. Here comes HoJo.

Let's hope no clients need work done that afternoon, we'll be a caffeinated bunch.

Any Chicagoans out there want to start one up, or join me in getting one going?

My son had coffee with me at Blandfords on Chiltern Street (W1) this morning and will have coffee with his girlfriend in Chelsea (NYC) later this evening.

I'm writing while listening to Darren Hayman's 'Table For One'. The whole spirit of the album reflects your obsession with cafe culture - low brow and low fi. Hayman is the ex-lead singer of Hefner, one of my favourite bands, and one of the few Englishmen who can write lyrics about sex without sounding like a spastic.


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